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Essentially, we all have the ability to solve our own problems under our own steam.
However, in certain crisis situations, professional consultancy supports and accelerates the solution process.

We are an outplacement services business based in Zurich, collaborating with competent partners throughout the whole of Switzerland. Our many years experience of working as both managers and consultants have made us familiar with the economic situation and the employment market in Switzerland. On the basis of this background, we support businesses through phases of change (changes of culture, mergers, restructuring exercises or acquisitions) and as they deal with employee severance or re-positioning.

We offer a skilled, individual consultancy and support service during the professional re-orientation process. We specialise in providing support for executives and professionals at the middle and senior management level. We have immense experience in relation to the 45+ age group, and our experience of psychology allows us to support individuals as they go through situations of acute crisis.

Whether as a customer or as a consultancy client, you can count on the intense, individual support of an experienced senior consultant throughout the whole duration of the process.