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The concept of a single workplace for the whole of a person’s working life is no longer realistic. Companies have to adapt constantly and ever more quickly to suit the needs of the market. This leads to an equally rapid change in requirements with regard to the competence and skills of the workforce. Existing employees can sometimes be developed and nurtured so that they are able to take over new functions, but a business also has to let staff go at times.

Our services focus on all those topics that involve support for people who find themselves – willingly or unwillingly – participating in a professional change process, and who want to carry out a purposeful investigation into the functions that best match their skills. These topics are:
  • Outplacement as an all-embracing process in professional re-orientation
  • Determination of an individual’s own professional position, for clarification
  • Coaching to provide support for targeted problems in clients’ day-to-day professional lives
  • Assessments to clarify an applicant’s suitability for a position