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Our familiarity with the economic position and employment market in Switzerland, and especially in Zurich, comes from many years of experience, as does our knowledge of the needs and expectations of our clients.

Each outplacement consultation is as individual as the client. On the other hand, the quality of consultation and the consultation process itself results from many years’ experience and the application of well-tested tools and methods.

You have to part with a member of staff – what should you do next?
  • Even before a planned dismissal takes place, we will start providing advice so that the process can be as free of conflict as possible for you – and for the employee (preparation for dismissal, discharge agreement, etc.)
  • We work with you to analyse the requirement for support of the employee who will be dismissed and find a tailor-made solution. This will not only include the duration and intensity of the support to be provided, but also the selection of the most suitable consultant.
  • Where possible, we start our consultation activities immediately after the dismissal; this will help to mitigate the shock for the relevant employee, and identify potential new prospects as soon as possible.
  • You will receive regular feedback during the consultation process, and (of course) when the period of consultation comes to an end.
You are at risk of losing your job – what next?
  • We work with our clients to produce a realistic assessment of their position, therefore enabling them to overcome their professional crisis, develop new perspectives and use the appropriate methods to open up the career market.
  • A particular consultant is permanently allocated to each of our clients. These consultants are available to the affected clients via regular meetings and other contacts, and stay in contact with the customer.
  • Our consultancy process is sub-divided into four separate stages, which we set out to the company and/or the client transparently before the process begins.
  • We gladly make our experience of professional networking and our knowledge of the employment market available to our clients, helping them to organise their re-orientation process speedily and sustainably.
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